Round LogoThank you for visiting the home of CicatrixBooks, primary distributor of books published by TBR International, Inc. (TBR). TBR specializes in the creation of robust, user-friendly and portable-reference books that help collectors, retailers and fans of silver jewelry objects identify the silversmiths and designers of their objects. The first two books in the series focus on silver made in Mexico and in the American Southwest.

Although some of these books use the words: “The Little Book of….” in their titles, they are by no means “little” in content, as witnessed by thousands of readers.  The following comets are illustrative:

“Mr. Hougart has not rested on his laurels though, and continues researching Indian jewelry hallmarks. The result is this third edition, which includes not only more marks by contemporary silversmiths, but also many corrections to previously untenable attributions and recently discovered information. What you hold in your hands is the most thorough, complete and accurate hallmark reference ever published; it is a valuable and truly reliable source.”


“Excellent resource book for both beginners like myself and those who have been collecting longer. Years of research compiled for us in one place presented in an easy search format. This book is as important for Southwestern Silver fans as his book on Mexican hallmarks is to those of us who collect vintage Mexican silver.”

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